Denim Jeans, for her

Denim jeans for women: style and comfort for ladies

Maybe some centuries ago denim jeans were only for men. Fortunately, nowadays denim jeans for women are available almost all over the world. And Evlox can say that is a denim supplier recognised for some good reasons.

One of them is because we manufacture, design and supply denim jeans outfit female in different countries. Not only in Spain, being a spanish company, but also in Europe (France, Italy or Belgium), Africa (Morocco or Tunisia) and North America.

Ladies flared jeans

Ladies flared jeans are very easy to tell apart because the ankles has the shape of a bell. Yes, this jeans were very used in the 70’s, but nowadays you can wear them because the past comes back many times, also in fashion. Flared jeans allow to stylize legs and you don’t have to be a tall woman to enjoy them.

Ladies skinny jeans

Ladies skinny jeans are similar to slim jeans. But can see some differences with the second ones because skinny jeans are low rise and not high rise.

Ladies denim jeans with elastic waist

Every woman and every boy is different. That’s the reason why denim jeans for women can be adapted to all needs. Ladies denim jeans with elastic waist are, in this sense, a good choice for any woman, no matter the weight or the height.

Women’s wide leg jeans

Before we’ve told you about skinny jeans. Now it’s the turn of women’s wide leg jeans. We can say that wide leg jeans are trending and they have, as you know, a slim waist and they widen until your feet. The most part of times this denim jeans for women cover the feet.

Evlox, a denim manufacturer of denim jeans for wowen

No matters what kind of denim jeans for women do you like, you can find them in stores. At this point we can tell you that we are a denim manufacturer with important brands’ confidence.

You must know we provide, for instance, jeans to Zara women denim. When you buy mom jeans high waist Zara, you choose Evlox. And you choose, like many other customers, a sustainable fashion brand like others: Diesel Jeans, Replay Jeans or Bershka denim.

Because Evlox is a denim manufacturer and a denim supplier characterized because we design sustainable jeans.