bershka denim

Bershka denim, garments made respecting the environment

As you know, Bershka has many kind of clothes and maybe you like them. For this reason, we think you must know more about, for instance, the Bershka denim offer of the Bershka denim collection.

Why? Because BSK jeans stock consists of sustainable denim jeans and other pieces made by Evlox. What means that are made respecting the environment. So, ecological denim is the basis of this manufacturing ir order to offer customers eco friendly clothes.

Some examples of the Bershka denim offer

No matters if you are a man or a woman, because Bershka denim has clothes for you and your different taste.

Bershka man denim

For men, you can choose, for instance, the offer of slim fit. They are made in denim elastic with 5 pockets, 98% cotton. Availables in two colours: blue denim and white denim.

Bershka woman denim

And this one is part of the offer of Bershka woman denim:

  • Bershka cropped jeans: with 5 pockets and at least 15% recycled cotton.
  • Bershka high waist jeans: you can buy different options of this kind of denim jeans with high waist: skinny fit, jeggins>, or mom fit.
  • Bershka high waist mom jeans: this ones are made with at least 505 organic cotton. They have 5 pockets and are narrows in the ankles.

Evlox, a denim manufacturer since the 19th Century

Evlox is a spanish company based in the Basque Country. We are a denim manufacturer since the 19th Century and nowadays we have presence in some countries in different continents.

In addition to Bershka denim, we provides denim garments to another sustainable fashion brands you sure know. So we are specialist in manufacture sustainable denim sold to well-known brands.

How is our denim manufacturing process? We reduce water consumption, chemicals and environmental impact during the drying, dyeing and washing steps. All because we know that is possible to manufacture denim without damaging the planet.