Evlox, a spanish denim manufacturer in Belgium

belgium denim manufacturer

Our manufacturing process

This ones are some data about this point: we save 93% water, 15% energy, 30% CO2 and 22% chemical. Also, this factors are included in our strategy to protect the environment during manufacturing process:

  • We use materials like a 15% recycled polyester and 15% recycled cotton.
  • Our dyeing process is able to reduce more than 300,000l of water consumption.
  • The denim clothes we manufacture is better performance in laser finishes and the cotton dye has a little affinity indigo. So, our garments are suitable for washed down treatment.

Evlox is a spanish denim company with an important and international presence. Belgium is a country in which we have activity, so if you are interested in a denim manufacturer in Belgium, we have to know us.

From the beginning of the Evlox’s activity in 1846, this company is always thinking on the most safety manufacturing process as possible. For this reason, we design sustainable denim. Why? Because we take care the environment in every step.

Evlox, denim supplier and our relationship with well know brands

We are sure you like denim and you know international brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Zara, Dolce&Gabbana, Guess, Scotch&Soda, Bershka or Hugo Boss. That means you have the guarantee that when customers want, for instance, Tommy Hilfiger denim, they want Evlox.

Different kinds of denim garments

About the garments, Evlox supply denim jeans, skinny jeans, fit jeans or denim jackets. All of them comfortable, fashion, cool and modern.

Our contact in Belgium

Alexis Joguet
+33 681 152 927