denim fatory g star raw jeans

Evlox, manufacturing denim clothes for brands like G Star Raw

Evlox is a company specialized in denim manufacturer since 1846. From the beginning, we’ve thought about environmental protection during the whole process of manufacturing. For this reason, we can say we provide clothes to well-know brands like G Star Raw.

Why is this important to consumers? Because you are more conscious each day about the importance of protecting the planet. So, if high level brands can offer you sustainable denim, is better for everyone. This is the reality of denim garments manufactured by Evlox, because we reduce pollution with a ecological process.

And that’s what you can find in G Star Raw stock: comfortable and cool denim garments like denim blue G Star 3301 slim. But we are explain to you right now exactly which ones.

Why do you must choose G Star Raw clothes?

Maybe you ask yourself when you go to buy denim clothes: what brand can I choose to feel good? Evlox give you an answer. Because if you are a person environmentally aware, the G Star sustainable denim is for you.

The reason is G Star sustainability is a distinguishing mark of this brand and also of us. Do you like denim? Are you looking for sustainable fashion brands?

The true is the next one: G Star Raw can offer you what you want: the coolest denim clothes and, also, manufactured with the lowest pollution as possible.

Different kinds of sustainable denim

Men’s jeans:

The variety includes G Star 3301 slim, G Star sustainable jeans, slim jeans and skinny jeans.

Denim for women:

 What about denim for women? This brand has a stock with sustainable clothing that cover boyfriend jeans or super skinny jeans.

Denim for boys and girls:

Finally, for boys and girls there are a great stock. You can buy this garments: G Star 3301 slim, tapered or skinny for boys. On the other hand, for girls, is possible to buy boyfriend jeans, super skinny jeans or denim dresses