Lacoste denim, another brand that trusts in Evlox

Lacoste denim is a well-known fashion brand, with many customers happies to wear its garments all over the world. You know that, but maybe you didn’t konw that Evlox is the denim jeans manufacturer that provides this clothes.

That means Lacoste is a company that sells ecological denim, manufactured in the most environmentally friendly way. That’s the basis in Evlox: to be respectful with the environment in every step of denim manufacturing, from dyeing to washing,

Now, we give you information about the denim jeans of Lacoste denim you find in their stores that are made by us.

What kind of denim jeans and garments you can buy?

The next ones are some different kind of denim garments you can buy. What Lacoste denim do you like?

Slim fit

For men, you can choose, for instance, the offer of slim fit. They are made in denim elastic with 5 pockets, 98% cotton. Availables in two colours: blue denim and white denim.

Straight fit

Also for men, includes straight fit as part of the Lacoste LIVE collection. This worn out jeans are 100% cotton, with 5 pockets.

Stretch skinny jeans

For women, Lacoste sells some garments like stretch skinny jeans. It’s a black denim garment with 5 pockets, 98% cotton. The design is classic fit.