Scotch and Soda, sustainable denim jeans designed by Evlox

Scotch and Soda offers to their customers a kind of denim clothes based on the timeless style. So, every year you can look for different kinds or denim jeans.

Not only comfortable, cool and modern, but also sustainable denim jeans. The reason is that Evlox provides Scotch Soda of denim jeans and garments whose manufacturing process is the most environmentally respectful as possible.

Are you worried about the environment and do you want to wear denim manufactured taking care the planet? And do you like brands inspired by the treasures all over the world, mixing cultures? Then, this is your brand.

Evlox, denim manufacturing to sustainable fashion brands

Evlox designes denim clothing since 19th century with one goal: take care the environment in every step of the manufacturing process. For this reason, we always try to reduce pollution and water consume.

From our start in Basque Country (Spain) to our international growth, this has been a clear goal: to reduce the negative ecological impact of our actions manufacturing jeans. That’s because we are a denim manufacturer that provides all kind of denim garments to sustainable fashion brands.

One of them is Scotch and Soda, a brand you can trust if you are looking for cool, comfortable and sustainable denim clothes.

What denim garments and jeans you can buy in Scotch and Soda?

Men’s jeans:

For men, this company offers slim jeans, straight fit or slim tapered

Denim for women:

skinny fit, slim fit or boyfriends jeans are some possibilities you have available in Scotch Soda stock

Denim for boys and girls:

All of this are the denim jeans for children. For instance, girls can wear jeggings, skinny fit or slim boyfriend fit. While boys can choose super skinny jeans or regular straight.