Evlox, denim manufacturer in Morocco


Why did we choice to be a denim manufacturer in Morocco?

All this ones are some of the reasons why we choose Morocco to manufacture denim clothes:

  • Morocco is a geographical strategic position with a rapid access to Europe from Africa
  • This country launched an industrial acceleration plan for 2014-2020
  • Morocco has political and social stability
  • Its garment industry is highly developed and competitive
  • It’s part of USA free trade agreement and preferential trade agreement with the EU

Why did we choice to be a denim manufacturer in Morocco?

Evlox is an international denim manufacturer that provides denim clothes to well-know brands like Zara, Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce&Gabbana, Hugo Boss or Lacoste. And we have different locations all around the world. For instance, we are a denim manufacturer in Morocco.

This way, this north african country is one of the places in which we produce denim clothes. Always following the highest quality and safety standards. Evlox in Morocco keeps on the brand’s philosophy of creating denim trends and to be respectful with the environment.

Also, we are an innovative jeans clothes supplier. Now, we have to tell more things about our presence as a denim manufacturer in Morocco.

denim facturer in Morocco


Zone Industrielle de Settat – BP
668 – Settat – Morocco
T +21 252 372 9000

Hicham Mouhcine
+21 266 203 4685

Pedro Ayastui
+21 266 133 6321