Evlox, denim manufacturer in Portugal

Denim manufacturer in Portugal

Commercial presence in 50 countries

Globally, Evlox is a denim manufacturer with commercial presence in 50 countries in order to be an international denim supplier. For this reason, it’s possible to provide denim clothes to fashion brands all around the world. The presence of Evlox in Portugal is part of a new politics since some years ago, when this company had a reorientation towards the European market. The proximity of Portugal was an important decision factor to Evlox. The goal always has been moving towards to become a internationally recognised brand. Thanks to the ecological awareness, protecting environment during the denim manufacturing process, Evlox has done it.

Another important reason to explain the expansion of Evlox as denim manufacturer has been the logistic capability. That’s the secret to be able to have an extensive network and well-know fashion sustainable brands as clients.

As an international company, Evlox has presence in multitude of countries in 3 mainlands: Europe, Africa and North America. For instance, in Europe, Evlox is a denim manufacturer in Portugal.

In this country, Evlox follow very strict environmental standards. Our main goal, besides to design comfortable, fashion and cool denim clothes, is to be a sustainable denim manufacturer.

Contact with Evlox in Portugal

Pedro Ayastui
+34 629 573 361

Francisco Martínez
+34 680 752 695

Portugal Agent
Carlos Fonseca Texteis
T.+35 122 600 6543
M.+35 191 618 5693