The first step for companies that signed the Detox commitment was to set up a black list of hazardous chemicals MRSL(Manufacturing Restricted Substances List) banned across all stages of manufacturing, with ambitious elimination timelines and target levels to be reached in wastewater. There were some disputes about the ambition, but in the end, the objectives and implementation tools are converging. The ZDHC (Zero Discharges of Hazardous Chemicals) foundation, created as a collective response for the brands, has become a meaningful programme over the years, with the potential to scale up the Detox roadmap to the rest of the clothing and textiles industry and to keep up the momentum for change.

Seven years after Greenpeace started the Detox My Fashion campaign, asking fashion companies to stop polluting waterways with hazardous chemicals from clothing production, all 80 companies that took the pledge to phase out these chemicals from their production-line by 2020 have achieved significant progress.

For the first time maps the major steps all companies have made together across all sectors, including fashion, sportswear and luxury retailers, outdoor brands and suppliers. Together, these companies represent 15% of global clothing production.