Different types of denim fabric


Best Different types of denim fabric

Have you ever wondered why your jeans are white on the inside and blue on the outside?

This is because when weaving denim, the warp yarns are dyed with indigo and the weft yarns are not dyed. This special fabric crosses colored yarns (mainly indigo) with white yarns to form a very attractive two-tone appearance. The color falls on the surface of the fabric, and the white is pulled back.

 1. 100% cotton denim: This is an ordinary denim that you can process in many different ways to create the different types detailed below. This fabric is very durable, durable and versatile.

2. Raw denim: This is a fabric that is not washed after dyeing. This washing is usually done to soften the fabric and eliminate shrinkage. Basically what we call sewing is pre-washing. This is also called undeformed denim. Raw denim looks very uniform, without any shabby look we know in jeans. Any desired distressed appearance must be naturally obtained through fading and stress.

3. Sanforized Denim: This is a processed denim fabric that does not shrink after washing. Most denim that is not original denim is Sanforized.

4. Colored denim: There are two types of colored denim: blue and all other colors. The blue or nearly blue hue occurs in a process called the death of indigo. Sulfur lethality gives denim other colors, such as black, pink, gray, mustard, green, red, etc.

5. Elastic denim: This is a kind of denim, added with elastic synthetic fibers such as Lycra/Spandex to make it elastic. The elasticity of the fabric depends on the percentage of elastic fibers in it.