Eco friendly denim producer

Eco friendly denim producer

The meaning of ecological clothing

Today we heard about environmentally friendly clothing, but in recent decades, the fast fashion industry has taken a place in developed countries. Fast fashion is a mode of accelerated consumption, which is characterized by the existence of mass production, mainly in developing countries.

Eco-fashion is a fashion that takes into account the impact of its development on society and the environment. Eco-clothing is a kind of clothing whose fabrics are obtained through responsible cultivation during its life cycle.

Due to the economic, social and environmental issues in these countries, fashion companies are increasingly betting on sustainable processes for producing ecological clothing. In addition to protecting the environment, they also strive to ensure good working conditions throughout the supply chain.

The production of ecological clothing

Similarly, we must always keep in mind that for the development of ecological clothing, the products used are non-toxic, the production cycle respects farmland, and the labor force used has certain working conditions.

Sustainable fashion is especially important for the commitment to reducing carbon emissions, because eco-clothing is produced by planning and minimizing emissions of this gas and other greenhouse effects.

First of all, we must consider which areas we produce in the traditional way will have a negative impact.

In the extraction of materials, if it is not ecological production, we will use water and chemicals, and if we use natural materials, we will use soil. Finally, in the manufacturing stage, since textile workers often work in poor conditions, we are almost certain to have a social impact.