Eco Friendly Jeans Factory

Jeans sustainable

Jeans sustainable

It has long been known that, although the textile industry is one of the most polluting on the planet, its subdivision of denim / jeans is even more so. The amount of natural resources invested in making these garments, especially the use of water, poses challenges at the level of environmental sustainability; and doubts about whether it is possible to continue wearing practical and durable jeans with the least possible impact on Planet Earth.

Denim eco sustainable jeans

For this reason we bring you in this article a variety of projects specialized in the sustainable manufacture of Texan fashion, so that you have real alternatives for consumption with less environmental impact.

Ecological denim clothes

Sustainable fashion avoids the use of the most harmful chemicals that are commonly used in the treatment of textiles and that can cause different health problems such as carcinogenic tumors, act as endocrine disruptors that cause hormonal disorders, cause birth defects and other serious diseases .