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Best jeans manufacturer in the world

Evlox develops more than 250 new denim jeans fabrics per year. Evlox serves to more than 3,000 reference brands and it mainly offers two types of fabrics:

· Denim jeans fabrics manufacturers for denim clothing production, mostly “jeans”
· Flat fabrics (cotton – raw color – ready to dye) aimed for the “sportwear” and workwear clothing market.

Evlox is synonymous of smart fabrics that go beyond conventional denim. Evlox continues to firmly believe in innovation as a business differential factor. Evlox reinforces daily the guarantee of quality, supported by the creation of new products and services that provide added value to its customers. The creation of intelligent fabrics has been Evlox’s main strategy. Innovation and sustainability is winning more and more support in the market. That’s why Evlox strives manufacturing fabrics with additional effects or advantages over conventional denim.

The importance of design trends

Design trends is always on our minds because we want you to find trendy clothes manufactured by us. What kind of fashion trends and combinations do we offer you?

Denim & supply

Knowing and understanding the needs of the international denim demand is one of the Company’s most important aims. The design of Evlox denim fabrics is constantly evolving in order to adhere to the customers’ needs and market trends, while still preserving their unique character.

The Evlox Lab Trend observatory collects data on the current trends, and is responsible for distinguishing and being aware of what the customer wants. This way, the company can adapt their developtments according to what the end-clients prefer by reinventing and improving itself, all while ensuring customer loyalty.

Evlox solutions

Since the origins, more than 2,000 important brands have chosen Evlox as a partner. This is a great challenge for the company and the main incentive to continue moving forward. Evlox shares a vision of the future with them based on innovation, sustainaility and fashion. Evlox works with Dolce&Gabanna, Lacoste, Guess, Hugo Boss, Diesel, Isabel Marant, G-star Raw, Sandro, Zara, Replay, Scotch&soda and much more brands.

jeans fabric denim reclycled

15% recycled polyester (PET) 
+ 15% recycled cotton 
(from post-consumer jeans)

jeans fabric denim aquasave

Reduce more than 300,000l. 
of water consumption during 
its dyeing process.

jeans fabric denim eco

Better performance in laser 
finishes. Cotton dye with little 
affinity indigo. Suitable for 
washed down treatment

jeans fabric denim easy

Improves croaking and back-staining 
with better touch. Cleaner 
appeareance and more defined 
twill. Create intensity in 
black tissues.