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Where can I buy ecological and sustainable fabrics?

On our website, you can already buy organic fabrics online! We have the most beautiful and ethical organic fabrics ready to help you turn all your creations into reality!

At present, during this “ecological prosperity”, more and more materials have won customers by carrying “ecological” (ecological cotton, ecological wool, ecological linen, etc.) to the side or convinced anyone of “ecological” through this simple fact. “.

Evlox: sustainable fabric suppliers

But do we know the truth, what it means and how to test it? It is easy to call any material ecological material, but in fact not all fabrics classified as ecological materials have the same characteristics and fulfill their functions. The facts related to the natural world do not mean that the processes used to obtain them do not cause serious environmental damage.

Denim sustainable fabric suppliers

It must be recognized that no fiber, whether organic, synthetic, low impact, fair trade or recycled, cannot solve the impact of such an emissions and resource intensive industry.

Therefore, it is necessary to address the various effects that occur throughout the life cycle of the fiber / material or product.

For this reason, remember not to be fooled, “eco” fibers are not absolutely sustainable under any circumstances. I mean, as described, there is and cannot be 100% pure, eco-friendly and beautiful fibers. Because it will always be accompanied by social and environmental impacts.