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the name.


Evlox, is Tavex Europe’s new corporate name since April 2018. Tavex is a company with more than 170 years at the forefront of denim manufacturing. Leader in the sector, with 15 million meters of Premium denim produced each year, more than 500 employees and commercial presence in 50 countries. Evlox is synonymous of improvement, innovation and leadership.Evlox is created by the union of each the letters that represent the main company values ; E for evolution, ethics and experience; V for value and valiant; L for leadership and legacy; O for origin and optimism and the X maintains the connection with Tavex.The brand colors describe the essence of the product; the blue of the denim and the yellow of the seams, intense and vibrant emphasizing a brand that stands strong, modern, pioneering and with a future visión.


Denim maker since 1846


The claim “denimaker” is defined as a strategic brand concept, building all identity and communication under the idea of a company with ​​tradition and origin; “Pioneers in denim solutions since 1846”. Using the word “maker” as an axis communication concept and making the activity of the company recognizable.


From Tavex to Evlox


The denim fabric company was founded in 1846 like a yarn, weaving and spinning factory in Bergara (Spain) and was subsequently named Algodonera de San Antonio in 1910. A factory in Morocco was acquired in the early ‘90s. The Company became the largest denim manufacturer in Spain under the name Tavex. Afterwards, in 2003 the company adquire the 100% of S.A. Sampere company and three years later two sheds in Mexico. In 2013 the company is reoriented towards the European market. And finally a new spanish investment group acquires the company in 2016, current owners of Evlox.




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