Evlox in Italy, a sustainable denim manufacturer

denim facturer in Italy

Evlox supplies denim to italian fashion brands

After more than 170 years of history, Evlox has increased its activity and expanded to many countries with some achieved goals:

  • To be a recognised denim manufacturer
  • To Innovate and research continually in order to be a pioneer in textile industry
  • To be a sustainable denim manufacturer protecting the environment in every step of the manufacturing process

Everyone knows Italy is famous fo the high quality of its textile industry. It’s very hard doesn’t know about brands like Dolce&Gabbana. But, did you know Evlox supplies denim to italian fashion brands precisely like Dolce&Gabbana, Diesel Jeans or Replay Jeans?

How is possible to have the credential of so well-known globally fashion brands? Evlox works everyday to offer the most serious and qualified services as possible. From the treatment of raw materials to the logistic network.

Denim made in Italy is quality guarantee. Talking about these brands previously mentioned is also sustainable denim guarantee. Because Evlox denim manufacturing is based on sustainable protocols and highest standards</strong< recognised by international organizations.

Evlox is an international textile brand with presence in 50 countries in three mainlands. We have factories and locations in Europe, America and Africa. One of them is Italy. Evlox in Italy is a model of sustainable denim manufacturer.

Contact with Evlox in Italy

Margot López
+34 639 381 561

Naples Agent
Antonio Avallone
T.+39 08 119 577 910
M.+39 335 621 3903

Le Marche Agent
Basic Stars
T.+39 07 18 047 252
M.+39 348 640 0575

Tuscany Agent
Fabrizio Braccesi & C.Sas
T.+39 05 58 811 094
M.+39 348 470 4150

Venetto Agent
Intermediazioni Quarta
T.+39 04 45 404 770
M.+39 03 358 394 637