Factory of Bergara

Tavex was born in Bergara (Gipuzkoa, Spain), a factory specialised in calico textiles and other cotton fabrics, with indigo being the main colour.


Algodonera de San Antonio, S.A.

The company changed its name to comply with the new Spanish Corporation Act, and specialised in workwear fabrics.


First rope dyeing machine in Spain

A strategic decision is made to focus production on denim fabric.


The largest denim manufacturer in Spain

Tavex started trading on the Stock Exchanges of Madrid, Bilbao and Valencia. Two sheds are acquired in Alginet and Navarrés (Valencia, Spain).


New factory in Settat (Morocco)

By building these sheds, the company stands out as the largest denim producer in Europe, adapting to the changing needs of the market and competing in all sportswear and workwear sectors of the market.


Investment in a new dyeing and finishing shed

The production of sportswear fabric begins in Settat (Morocco).


Tavex acquires the industrial assets of the Industrial company Textil de Puebla

Tavex purchases the industrial assets of the Industrial company Textil de Puebla.


Acquisition of 100% of S.A. Sanpere company

It joins the head of the Home and Decoration fabrics division.


Tavex Algodonera merges with Santista Textil

The merger of the two companies is made official, and we become a world leader in denim manufacturing.


Acquisition of two sheds in the Mexican towns of Puebla and Tlaxcala

Increasing production capacity and completing the platform to supply the USA.


Renewed strategy

Reorientation of the company towards the European market.


New ownership

A new Spanish investment group acquires the company. Initiating a phase of business expansion, focusing on high quality Denim and a differentiated offer, based on the R&D empowerment.


Opening of a new advanced denim engineering centre in Valencia

This continues the phase of business expansion based on differentiation, quality and commitment to R&D.


The company name is changed to EVLOX

Direct, global, highlighting the constant evolution of the company while maintaining its essence and legacy.

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