Creating sustainable value. Evlox is focused on sustainable development to create value. This is part of our commitment to society conditions our business operations. Values such as solidarity, equality and wellbeing are linked to our strategy and our daily work.



Committed to R+D+I. As a company, we are aware of our role in a society that is rapidly advancing, and we constantly invest in research, development and innovation. We not only aim to offer our clients distinctive products but are also committed to make these products eco-friendly.


Protecting the environment. Our commitment to the planet is materialised in our choice of raw materials as well as a firm aim to rationalise consumption and minimize emissions in our process.


Committed to the future. We offer a unique space for collaboration between future denim industry professionals (students, schools, teachers and other professionals). Evlox organises workshops focused on fashion sustainability and stimulates the creativity and talent of those who want to experiment and deepen their knowledge of the culture of fabrics.

Our sustainability actions

total care denim
sustainability denim

15% recycled polyester (PET) 
+ 15% recycled cotton 
(from post-consumer jeans)


Reduce more than 300,000l. 
of water consumption during 
its dyeing process.

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Better performance in laser 
finishes. Cotton dye with little 
affinity indigo. Suitable for 
washed down treatment

Sustainability manufacturers

Improves croaking and back-staining 
with better touch. Cleaner 
appeareance and more defined 
twill. Create intensity in 
black tissues.


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Sustainability denim supplier
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Sustainable certificates

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