Vintage fabrics that reproduce faithfully the
characteristics of the most iconic historical garments. 
History and heritage. Pure Nostalgia Fabrics made with skill
and designed to last. Authentic dark indigo, 100%
cotton fabrics, natural worn. Original vintage aspect
look Inspired by the traditional crafted process.

Created for improved performance in
the denim wear cycle, equipped to
deal with the changes that the
surface of the fabric undergoes as
a result of the effects of washing and use.

Light, vaporous and softly structured fabrics.
Unique developments for key silhouettes
retro-vintage: classic 1970s figure-hugging and
high-waisted loose flares. Vintage true blue casts
and authentic thrifted denim surfaces. Extreme
touch and great versatility. Denim to relax in,
easy and comfortable!

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