how is denim manufacturer

How is denim manufacturer

How is denim made?

Denim clothes are nowadays one of the most popular garments. Maybe not everybody, but most part of population has some denim garments like jeans o jackets. And maybe you ask yourself how is denim manufacturer or what’s the manufacturing denim process.

Probably, you have another question about that kind of clothes. For instance: What was the origin of denim? Jeans and denim, they are the same? What color is denim naturally? For this reason, in Evlox want to answer to some frequently asked question about denim.

The process of denim manufacturing

As a denim manufacturer with presence in many countries, Evlox can tell you the secrets about how is denim made. The first thing you must know is, what colour is denim naturally? Because the most part of denim garments you can buy is blue, right?

Well, the denim’s natural colour is white because this denim is white cotton. So, part of the denim manufacturing process consists in dyeing cotton blue. Before that, the process of how is denim made has some phases or steps.

    • First one, denim makers separate the fibers of white cotton in order to get this material by stretching and opening the fibers.
    • Next one phase is spinning. In this case, we overlap denim threads, cleaning and separate them. Then, we put the threads in the same way and dye some of them with indigo. This way, we obtain the popular blue color of denim garments.
    • Third one: we put denim threads in the loom. In this part of the process, we weaving white ones with blue ones. Why denim is so strong? Because this weave part, but the denim garments you buy is subjected to some processes to be softer and more comfortable.

Once we have the denim ready to be use, we can realize patterns to the different sizes and after that, cut the denim with machinery. Also, the material has to be linked and we add elements like the pockets, zippers and buttons.

  • Finally, we wash denim garments inside an industrial washing machine, checking if the garments has some tare or loose thread.


Another FAQS about denim

Now, you have the information about how is denim made. But we want to answer the next ones frequently asked questions.

What is denim originally made of?

It’s sure that you know Levi Strauss like the first jeans maker. But, what was denim originally made of? Genoese fishermen used denim originally to work in 13th century, according to some sources. Some centuries later, in USA, Levi Strauss was the first one that designed and manufactured jeans.

What is the difference between jeans and denim?

Another question connected with the last sentence: what is the difference between jeans and denim? The difference is that denim is a kind of fabric or material, and jeans are a kind of garment made of denim.

Is denim 100% cotton?

Originally, denim was 100% cotton. Despite of the fact you can find denim garments 100% cotton, this material is mixed with another ones in order to be more flexible.