Sustainable Fashion

sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion: clothes designed taking care the environment

Evlox is a denim manufacturer worried about creating sustainable value. For this reason, we don’t only want to design clothes, but also to provide sustainable fashion to all our clients and customers.

Because our goal is to provide eco fashion taking care the environment during the full manufacturing process. How do we do it? With and eco process that minimize pollutant emissions. So we can say we are sustainable.

To do it, we constantly innovate and research looking for new ways to develop methods the most sustainable as possible. There is a big idea that define our way to work: we always invest in innovation, research and development.

How does Evlox manufacture eco fashion

That’s a good question that maybe you ask yourself about our sustainable fashion. So, we want to answer you with some statistics. We design our denim clothes with sustainable fabrics in our factories saving:

  • 93% water
  • 15% energy
  • 30% C02
  • 22% chemicals

Our manufacturing process is total care from the selection of raw materials and through every step: spinning, dyeing and finishing.

Committed to make eco friendly products

Our reason to exist is to be committed to make eco friendly products with raw materials like organic cotton and other kind of eco materials. We think the best way to design denim clothes is looking to the future taking care the planet nowadays.

That’s why we are specialists in green textiles and green fabrics, with the highest safety standards and the best quality as possible. And we are proud of our values because our clients and customers think the same and support our brand’s philosophy. <strong<Together, we can make the world better.

In this point, we have to say that we offer an unique space for collaboration between future and current denim industry professionals. So we stimulate creativity of different groups of people like students or teachers. In this way, we all together experiment their knowledge in our green factories.

Sustainable certificates

Finally, we want to tell you about all the sustainable certificates that endorse our efforts creating sustainable fashion in our organic textile company. Among others, we are certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Global Recycled Standard and Better Cotton Initiative.

Do you want to wear the most cool and sustainable fashion design by a green company that provides denim clothes to big brands? Choose Evlox, our commitment to the planet is the guide we follow to design our denim trousers or denim jackets with eco textiles.

Because is possible to wear eco clothes and look fashionable at the same time. The proof is Evlox’s sustainable fashion, denim clothes respectful with the environment.