Business and marketing trends in digital transformation

In a previous article, we looked at digital transformation trends in companies in general, and their application in the textile sector. Here is a review of some of the main business and marketing trends that are emerging as essential in the current digital transformation in all sectors, including textile. All major companies in most industries are investing in digitization, as we are living a favorable time for digital innovation.

Firstly, DeepTech projects (business projects based on a large volume of deep data to define more efficient business models ) have been growing exponentially i.e. In this aspect, the cookieless policy preserves user privacy, so there is less data to analyze. This implies the need to use artificial intelligence solutions and create proprietary data by getting to know the customer better, adopting measures such as investing in content and customer-focused marketing techniques.

In fact, hyper-focus on the customer has become a major trend, a necessity even. The proliferation of services without any physical contact turns the customer experience digital. This gives us the opportunity to get to know the buyer persona and map out their customer journey, in order to create unique and personalized digital experiences. In short, customer management is focused on the digital channel, and the goal is to achieve good automation.

Automation turns traditional CRM (Customer Relationship Management) into CDP (Customer Data Platform). There are more and more voice assistants, chatbots… and all kinds of automations. Smart bidding uses machine learning to optimize bids to get more conversions or conversion value in auctions. Audiences, campaigns and bids are automated, marketing teams are omnichannel, and traditional sales funnels are becoming full funnel.

Conversational marketing will be increasingly relevant in marketing strategies: with the growth of chatbots and automation, conversation will be part of the web and sales, producing an increase in messaging platforms (Whatsapp, Messenger…), live streaming and live shopping.

In fact, technology is now an essential part of marketing and advertising as decisions are now data-driven, MarTech (marketing technology) and AdTech (advertising technology refer to technology applied to marketing and advertising investment, respectively. Since the difference between AdTech and MarTech was unclear, the term Madtech has emerged as a new concept that combines both. In this new concept, marketing, advertising and technology converge, representing the current scenario in which they are intermingled with data.

Another important trend is storytelling. Brands must be real: tell stories that interest audiences, answer queries with authenticity, have leaders that transmit trust… All this real involvement with the public educates the audience as brand ambassadors, giving way to the construction of own audiences, online communities and personalization of digital experiences, as we mentioned before. But in addition to being authentic, brands will have to be more transparent and inclusive than ever. 60% of Generation Z want to change the world, and they are looking for brands with meaning and purpose, sustainable and committed brands, which means the end of brand commoditization.

And the fact is that everything is becoming smart for sustainability, from factories to cities, in search of circular future: energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and efficient resource management. Waste management is also included in the equation with the new Law on Waste and Contaminated Soil, which has already been mentioned on several occasions in other articles in this blog. Circular economy and a smart future are the goals.

At EVLOX, we are an active part of all this change in favor of sustainability, which is the driving force behind our constant innovation work within the textile sector to contribute to the sustainable future of this industry and, ultimately, to the sustainable development of the planet. Visit our website for more information and follow our news. Soon we will have great things to tell you, so stay tuned!