How we help sustainability

In each step of the manufacturing processes we carry out diferents actions to help minimize the enviromental impact.

Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment.

Organic production systems replenish and maintain soil fertility, reduce the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers and build biologically diverse agriculture. Certified organizations verify that organic producers use only methods and materials allowed in organic production.

Denim fabrics made with fibers that degrade in the environment without releasing any hamful substances



Denim fabrics made of up to 37% recycled materials.
Using pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled cotton and recycled polyester from PET bottles.

Zero water in dyeing process

Denim fabrics developments for greater washing efficiency

Fabrics specially developed for a better performance in laser finishes.

Technology that avoids water contamination.




Sustainable finishing process