Evlox, your denim manufacturer in France

denim facturer in france

Why do you have to choose Evlox as your denim supplier?

Nowadays you can find different denim manufacturers. Why is better Evlox than the others. We give you this reasons to choose us as your denim company or your denim manufacturer in France:

We manufacture sustainable denim

Our process is eco friendly, that means we protect the environment. We save 93% water consumption or 23% chemicals. And also we reduce the environmental impact. This is one of the most important features of Evlox as a denim manufacturer in France and other locations all over the world.

Supplying to sustainable denim brands

Probably you have denim garments you’ve bought to brands like Zara denim, Hilfiger denim, Replay jeans or Guess Jeans. All of them are denim sustainable brands that like to many customers. And Evlox is their denim supplier.

Denim garments for every taste

This ones are the different denim garments for every taste: denim jeans, denim shorts, fit jeans or skinny jeans.

Denim industry must be able to sell to the customers the best product as possible. A way to do it is to have experience and to impulse the innovation. With Evlox, a denim manufacturer in France, you can be sure you have it.

Because we are a denim supplier with an international presence in some countries, where we manufacture and supply sustainable denim. Evlox started only in Basque Country (Spain), but nowadays we are not only a sustainable company, but also a global company.

Our contact in France

Alexis Joguet