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We are a company dedicated to producing various styles of jeans. Pants made in Spain do not leave our borders, so we can ensure the quality of the materials during the manufacturing process and the correct supervision of the garment manufacturing process until its completion. Experts in stretch jeans, skirts, denim jackets, dresses and T-shirts, in general, denim fashion specializes in men and women of all sizes.

We use natural fibers and provide guarantee certificates for denim. All our products are made in Spain. We produce elegant or casual high waisted jeans for ladies of all fabrics and qualities. Here you can find the women’s jeans that best adapt to the different contours of each woman’s body. All styles: straight, slim and ultra-thin.

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As a Spanish fashion manufacturer, we are a professional manufacturer of stretch jeans, skirts, denim jackets, dresses and t-shirts, and generally various sizes of fashion for men and women, we also produce stretch jeans for men, colored pants and Chinese cuts in pieces.

Jeans manufacturing spanish company

Straight or regular patterns of various sizes. Our products are especially used for men’s and women’s denim sports, and special sizes are also available. In addition, we have created collections of our own brands (both nationally and internationally) for third parties. The design and manufacture of denim is carried out entirely in Spain.

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We are passionate about our work, and we are happy to claim that we are doing our work here. For forty years, we have chosen the highest quality fabrics, searched for perfect patterns, concocted dreams, added color to thousands of garments, embraced technology without having to abandon traditions, and most importantly, brought generations of families in this profession , Friends and neighbors connect. Our goal is to continue this work and promote the sustainable development of society (and the environment), which is vital to the development of our company. Therefore, we are very grateful for the trust and confidence you gave us, because without it, it would be impossible. You know how to cherish the efforts made in the production of textiles that are entirely “Made in Spain”. This is of paramount importance to us, and this motivates us to continue working in the same way.