A sustainable Denim manufacturing in Turkey

sustainable denim manufacturer in turkey

Denim manufacture for sustainable fashion brands in Turkey

Almost two centuries later since the start of the company, we can say we’ve done it. Two reasons support this affirmation:

  • Evlox supplies denim to international fashion brands like Dolce&Gabbana, Zara, Lacoste, Hugo Boss, Guess Jeans…
  • Evlox has obtained some important sustainable certifies of institutions like Global Recycled Standard or Better Cotton Initiative

As we’ve said, Evlox is denim supplier of sustainable fashion brands. Customers all over the world trust in them, and these brands trust in Evlox. That means Evlox’s protocols of denim manufacturing in Turkey has enough client’s support to know this is the right way to denim manufacture.

Are you interested about some statistics? The way Evlox manufacture denim to these brands reaches the next savings: 93% water; 15% energy, 30% CO2 emissions and 22% chemicals.

The process is based on sustainable actions to choose and treat raw materials, spinning, dyeing and finishing denim clothes. To protect the planet and the sustainable denim manufacture are crucial for Evlox.

Evlox has more than 170 years of history as a sustainable denim manufacturer in Turkey. The beginning was in Bergara, a spanish town located in Basque Country. Today, our company has commercial presence in 50 countries. Evlox in Turkey is an example.

Over the years, Evlox has been a denim manufacturer with some goals: design cool, trending and comfortable denim jeans, denim jackets or denim skirts or denim shirts; and to be a sustainable denim manufacturer committed to environment protecting the planet.

Contact with Evlox in Turkey

If you are looking for a <strong>denim manufacturer in Turkey</strong>, this is the contact of Evlox in Turkey. You can request any kind of information and we’ll try to give you everything you need to be part of Evlox’s network.

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Sedef Eker
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