Denim Manufacturers

Denim makers

The reinvention of the textile makers

In every field of activity is important to have a reference or a leader to help the another ones to be better. Technological innovation and a ethical behavior is one of the best ways to do it, so Evlox has the goal, since the beginning in 1846, to be a pioneer at the textile manufacturers.

Over 170 years after, we’ve done it always looking to the future. Cause we are sure the future is the manufacture of eco-friendly denim clothes and we have the commitment to be a ecological textile factory of denim makers.

Nowadays, Evlox is leader in textile manufacturing and we have first class clients like Dolce & Gabanna, Zara, Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Bershka, United Colors of Benetton or Lacoste. Why do they trust in us?

What makes us different in the textile manufacturers

The process of denim manufacturing we follow has a very clear goal: to satisfy the needs of our customers taking care of the environment. Always looking for innovation in our products, services and processes.

We have the responsability to improve in order to manufacture denim clothes respecting the environment. Ecological textile manufacturing is possible and Evlox want you to know we follow this key principle.

Organic and ecological denim clothes

How do we take care of the environment producing organic and ecological clothes in a sustainable way? Reducing the residues, the pollution and the environmental impact thanks to the respectful technology. So, our textile manufacturing methods guarantees that:

  • Our denim clothes are manufactured with organic cotton maintaining soil fertility
  • We reduce the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers

Always looking for fashion trends

You want to wear the best and modern denim clothes. For this reason, Evlox is always looking for fashion trends, investigating and analyzing the changes of the market. How do we do it? With a professional and experienced team the researches in our Evlox Lab Trend Observatory.

A good and efficient supply textile to arrive fast everywhere

Every kind of customers, including important fashion brands, knows that we have a good and efficient supply textile to arrive fast everywhere. We started in Bergara (Guipuzkoa-Spain) and since 1989 we are the largest denim manufacturer in Spain. But we expanded to Settat (Morocco) or Puebla (Mexico) with an extensive fabric factory’s network.

If you need comfortable, fashionable and ecological denim clothes, you need to know who you can trust in, so you need a serious textile manufacturer. Evlox has the guarantee of over 170 years working with top clients and observing the highest quality standards.

No matter what denim clothes do you want. We have trendy jeans, jackets or whatever item of clothing you are looking for. Our textile factory is ready to answer to you needs and provide you eco-friendly clothes where and when you want thanks to our coupling denim & supply.