Denimakers since 1846

Although more than 175 years of our history do not fit in a hundred words, in this opening article we want to introduce EVLOX so that you can really get to know us a little better. To do so, we’ll give you some insights about the core of our business and DNA, as well as the values, tradition and vision that sustain our company. Read on!

First of all, we should say that perhaps not everything has been said about who invented denim. Maybe this will surprise you, but we have been Denimakers since 1846, ever since a small factory in Bergara (Gipuzkoa-Spain) started using indigo dye for its fabrics. Since then, we have specialized in manufacturing denim, reinventing a classic, creating new solutions for the world’s most important brands. In EVLOX we are passionate about our work, and for this reason we continue leading the way in the sector. With 14 million metres of premium denim produced every year, more than 500 employees and a commercial presence in 50 countries, EVLOX is today synonymous of improvement, innovation and leadership.

If you ask us about the reasons for our success, we would highlight a few key factors:

✔ Innovating, being efficient and flexible and adapting ourselves to each service.

✔ Offering the best denim cloth while respecting the environment.

✔ Guaranteeing the highest quality standards to satisfy the needs of large as well as small customers.

Thanks to all this, today we are the denim manufacturer of many top brands in the sector.

Since our origins, more than 2,000 important brands have chosen us as partners. We share a vision of the future with them based on innovation, sustainability and fashion. And we wish to continue accompanying them every day, through our tireless spirit of service. This is a great challenge for the company and the main incentive to continue moving forward.

One of the pillars of our success is undoubtedly our vocation for research and development.

EVLOX firmly believes in innovation as one of the differential factors of our business. We innovate in product, processes and services.

Detecting, analyzing, filtering, decoding and interpreting fashion market trends is the goal of our EVLOX Lab Trend Observatory.

Regarding our commitment to sustainability fashion, we are convinced that the future will be sustainable or it will not be. For this reason, EVLOX holds the most prestigious certifications as an acknowledgement of our commitment to the quality standards and environmental care. Find out more about EVLOX’s sustainable compromise.

In addition, we will always continue to innovate to achieve our goal of minimizing the ecological impact of our business.

In future articles we will continue to tell you much more, stay tuned!

By María Mas, Head of Digital Marketing and Sales @Evlox