Slide A complete eco line, closing the sustanaible denim manufacturing circle, with redesigned processes and conscious actions in all production stages. Authentic green fabrics that link the most cutting-edge technology to committed development.
organic textile
organic denim

Denim recycling revolution. Denim fabrics
made of 35% recycled materials. 
Using pre-consumer and  post-consumer
recycled cotton and recycled polyester
from PET bottles.

ecare denim suppliers
ecare denim
eco denim

Last generation of sustainable finishing.
Saving 22 liters per garment at
finishing process.

Ecare jeans textile

Fabrics that use a revolutionary technology that
reduce more tan 300,000 litres of water
comsumption during its dyeing process.

ecare jeans
E care denim suppliers

Fabrics Specially developed for
better performance in laser finishes.

E care denim suppliers


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