A tri-blend yarn structure that features high stretch
properties, excellent recovery and low shrinkage
power plus the versatility of cotton.

√ Extreme comfort
√ Excellent resistance
√ High recovery

E flex Denim
E flex denim supplier

Multidirectional elasticity. Smart fabrics designed with
the highest technology and special blends in both
warp and weft to guarantee the maximum freedom of
movement, flexibility and resistance. The perfect
balance between extreme comfort and high performance.

Selection of fabrics based on the very principles of
fitness: flexibility, agility, resistance, recovery, variety
and intensity. A comprehensive offer of fabrics
available in a multitude of shades, appearances and
finishes. Articles principally aimed at the male
market with comfort and flexibility as the main features.

Eflex denim makers
Eflex jeans

Stretch fabrics designed for the best result, to
enhance wearability, style and fit.
A versatile unisex collection, made for
extremely comfort.


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