Europe denim jeans factory

Europe denim jeans

Europe denim jeans manufacturer

Accessing sustainable fashion is getting a little easier lately. Or at least it seems to me, because every time I see more brands and more different styles.

Europe jeans manufacturer

But things get a little more complicated to find sustainable jeans. Sometimes it feels like you’re looking for Wally. That is why in this article I have wanted to talk about sustainable denim, about my personal experience and how you can find this type of garment. The energy they use in their activity comes from biomass and they complement it with solar panels. All renewable, so a plus point. On the other hand, the raw material used to run the entire factory is of organic origin. Depending on the season they use peach pit, olive pit, pistachio shell, etc. Sounds really good.

Europe denim clothes

But what about the fabric? Well, all of them are certified with the ‘Made in Green’ seal, which implies that their products are free of harmful substances, they have been produced in a way that respects the environment and also respects the rights of workers. This is the most demanding seal that exists today in terms of health, environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility. It requires that the entire chain (from spinning, through weaving, dyeing and finishing and making) have independent certificates that guarantee correct environmental management and a code of conduct and social responsibility.