European clothing manufacturers suppliers

European clothing manufacturers suppliers

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What is the process of making pants? There is no doubt that jeans are one of the most common clothing. There are different cuts, fabrics, adjustments and finishes, but the production process for all of them is very similar.

Do you want to know how the Texans are made? You are lucky! Next, we break down the process of making jeans. The first thing we did was the design of the clothing. To this end, we study new trends and look for references to improve jeans and perfect them season after season. Once the jeans design is complete, we give way to pattern making, which is nothing more than adjusting different sizes according to the specific model we are making.

In this way, we created the first sample of each model, so we can know what specific details we need to improve on the jeans. In order to continue the process of making jeans, we write down the changes and make corrections in the workshop.

The production of European clothing manufacturers suppliers

Once we have corrected the changes, we proceed to the cutting and making of our beloved Texan. It is about placing the pattern of the pants on a series of overlapping layers of denim fabric, with which we manage to make the exact cut of each piece and then make the assembly of the complete garment in the workshop, with buttons, rivets and other details of each garment.

The next step in the trouser manufacturing process is finishing, at which point we carry out the desired final shade. Here we achieve, for example, the worn effect of our Carly High Blue Used with coefficient laser technology; or the broken ones of the Dutronc Turbo Blue, among others.

Once we have arrived here, it only remains to iron and label the jeans so that they are ready for sale.