Evlox reopens its industrial wastewater treatment plant in Settat after its refurbishment, together with the Moroccan authorities

Settat City Governor  Ibrahim Abou Zeid, Chair of the Municipal Council, Director of the Water Basin Agency, senior officials from the Regional Delegation of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Regional Delegation for the Ministry of Employment as well as various other figures in attendance last week participated in the reopening of the refurbished wastewater treatment plant located in our factory in the province of Settat. 

This plant is an industrial wastewater treatment plant that comprises combined physico-chemical and biological treatment for activated sludge, set to treat an average of 80m3/hour of used effluent and which complies with prevailing water discharge limits.

Evlox CEO Jaime Lloréns says “We strive on a daily basis to implement CSR strategies that generate a positive impact on society and the environment. Highlighting the competitive advantages of transparency and commitment is vital for our company. Continued investments and improvements to our production process set us apart and position us well against other companies in the sector, without any kind of responsibility and social return”.  

He also underscored the positive relations between the company and the city’s authorities, to the benefit of the region’s ecosystems. In this regard, Governor  Ibrahim Abou Zeid has congratulated the whole team for their efforts and successful progress, and has called this plant a local and national exemplar.

Plant director Adel Maalaoui commented that “with this refurbishment we are accelerating the company’s transition towards a more efficient and sustainable system of using water, placing value on the raw materials essential for our industry. This optimisation has allowed us to perform over and above merely complying with the demands of relevant authorities, slowly redirecting ourselves towards a more comprehensive and responsible model.”

Watch video here.