Evlox Showroom

Evlox Showroom

The Evlox showroom in Madrid, your place to find trendy denim clothes

As you know, a showroom is a space where brands and fashion designers can show their works outside a fashion show, a fair or a specialised event. Evlox, as a reference in this world and, in particular if we talk about denim manufacturing, has his own showroom in Madrid (Spain). Usually, a showroom has the objective to show the clothes to famous people or mass media. But also there are Open Days in order to give the chance, to everyone interested in fashion like you, to know the fashion trends and newness. What do you can see if you visit us?

Different kinds of denim to different kinds of people

There is no two equal persons in the world. So, denim designs must adapt and connect with everybody. In our showroom you can find the denim clothes perfect for you:

E-Care: our commitment to the sustainable development of denim

Our E-Care campaign is a proof of our commitment to the sustainable development of denim. We minimise the environmental impact of the process of the Total Care clothes line thanks to a sustainable cycle of manufacturing. And about our Renim line, you have to know that this denim clothes have fabrics made of 35% recycled materials.

E-Tech denim clothes: technology to take care of your beauty

The E-Tech denim clothes we design put the technology at the service of you health, taking care of your beauty. This items has made with smart denim that changes according your preferences and keeps you connect. If you visit our showroom you’ll see our wellness items, with high-performance technological fabrics that provide health benefits; or Hardtex clothes a 25% tougher than conventional fibers.

E-Vintage: a tribute to the authentic vintage

Our E-Vintage collection is a tribute to the authentic and original vintage, with a combination of innovation a tradition. How have we done it? Following the philosophy of the past with a totally overhauled vision. For instance, Vintage 170 is pure nostalgia: 100% cotton and natural worn. Or Flow clothes, denim to relax in, easy and comfortable.

E-Flex: unisex and stretch clothes with excellence resistance

With the E-Flex denim clothes you can enjoy wearing stretch articles with excellence resistance, extreme comfort and high recovery. If you look for fitness denim, we can offer you fabrics based on flexibility, agility, resistance, recovery, variety and intensity. And our 360º items has as main attribute its multidirectional elasticity because the fabrics are designed with the highest technology to guarantee you the maximum freedom of movement.

E-Touch: blended to provide a distinct softness and feel

The E-Touch denim clothes we have are specially blended to provide customers like you a distinct softness and feel. What does it mean? It means that this denim explores a sensory world and re-engages the senses. For instance, if you are interested in our Vintouch items you’ll know what is a traditional yet original specially blended for a softer, warmer and silkier feeling. And if you choose some of our clothes of Prestigia you’ll have luxury fabrics with a delicate layer of resin. So, are you ready to visit the Evlox showroom in Madrid and find the denim clothes that you want?