Jeans fabric technology

Jeans fabric technology

The best Jeans fabric technology

With this in mind, it is important to keep in mind the cradle-to-cradle philosophy, which subverts the term sustainability. Society talks about how negative the industry is, and from Cradle to Cradle stops talking about ethics and offers optimistic views. According to this view, polluting products are unethical or unethical; they are not carefully designed at all, just as those that are environmentally friendly are just carefully designed.

There is no waste in nature, everything can be reused. The same is true for the goal of circular economy, thereby eliminating the concept of waste, because all waste will become tomorrow’s raw materials or nutrients.

Designers are recognized as the main promoters of the transformation of the sustainable fashion industry. Being proactive early in the design and manufacturing process is critical to achieving sustainability goals.

The production of Jeans fabric technology

Since 1846, the international company EVLOX has been committed to the world of denim. Ximo Lacomba, its representative and product development director in Spain, believes that “the future of this fabric and clothing will depend on what we do now.” With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Lacomba criticized “the sustainability of denim In many cases, it comes and goes because the industry cannot make up for factors such as cost, design, and production.”

Although “it seems to be taking the right path now,” the industry is facing constant changes that even experts dare not give specific predictions. In Spain, AITEX itself (Institute of Textile Innovation Technology) calls on citizens to participate in the EU initiative “CreativeWear”, the Horizon 2020 project, whose goal is to revitalize the textile and apparel industry by focusing on creativity.