Jeans, made in spain

Evlox, the leader i jeans made in Spain

Spain is a country with important global companies, including denim manufacturing companies. That’s the reason why in Evlox we want to talk you about our work. Do you know our history and relationship with jeans made in Spain?

And do you know our importance as a sustainable clothing factory in Spain, providing garments to companies all over the world? Maybe yes, maybe not. No matters, right now we tell you all this things about our contribution to spanish style fashion as a jeans supplier.

Some data about Evlox history

Evlox is a spanish company. We start our activity in 1846 in the Basque Country and nowadays we have presence in other countries. For instance, we are a jeans manufacturing company in Morocco, Belgium, France, Italy, Tunisia or North America.

This international expansion has been possible because we have the support of many importante fashion brands. No only . So, we are proud to say that our company brings jeans made in Spain to the rest of the world by the hand of well-know fashion brands.

Sustainable clothing factory in Spain

But, what sustainable denim brands sell our denim garments like jeans? We are a denim supplier of brands like Zara Jeans, Lacoste, Guess Jeans or Scotch and Soda or Tommy Jeans.

Did you ask, for instance, what company is the Diesel Jeans manufacturer. Or what’s the name of the company that is the denim jeans supplier of G Star Raw?

The answer of this questions is Evlox and if you wonder the origin of denim jeans sold by this companies, the answer is that are jeans made in Spain.

Why our denim jeans are sustainable?

We’ve said all this brands, including a sustainable clothing factory in Spain like Zara Jeans, are sustainable. But why Evlox is a denim manufacturer and why we say our denim jeans are sustainable?

The reason is we follow an ecological denim manufacturing process. How? Reducing as much as possible water and energy consumption in every step. And also reducing the use of chemicals in order to minimize the environmental damage,

All this things are the proof that our way of working is supported by fashion brands and customers. And, as a consequence, that spanish denim is leading jeans manufacturing in the world. Because some of the most important fashion global companies are selling successfully jeans made in Spain.