Kotoi & Evlox Documentary Premiere at Gipuzkoa Fashion Week

A roundtable discussion on fashion and sustainability, along with a screening of the Kotoi documentary, took place on October 25 at the Basque Newspaper headquarters in honor of the opening of Gipuzkoa Fashion Week. The event was sponsored by the Provincial Council, the Department of Sustainability and the Basque Newspaper.

The journey of the eco-friendly fashion brand Kotoi, founded by designers Fanny Alonso and Maialen Porroy, is shown in this 25-minute documentary. Kotoi crafts unique collections using sustainable fabrics and leftover Evlox denim fabrics.

The Department of Ecological Transition of the Provincial Council of Guipuzcoa, under the direction of Monica Pedreira, has recognized and supported thisproject, which is inspired by the clothing made by the workers of the original mills and weaving factories but with a contemporary perspective.

During the round table discussion, our sustainability expert Roberto Gonzalez offered a presentation on the key concepts of responsible production and consumption and Noemi Sanchez, marketing manager, gave a brief history of Evlox.