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We are pants supplier and we offer wholesale clothing

We offer services as a wholesaler or supplier of jeans for women and men throughout Spain and at the European level, taking care of the entire production process: From the choice of denim fabric, sketches, design, pattern making, manufacturing, washing and treatment of the fabric, to the final distribution to the customer’s point of sale.

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If you have a boutique, a network of physical stores or are looking for a trusted wholesale manufacturer of jeans made in Spain, to develop your project of denim products, do not hesitate to contact us. Our expertise in the textile sector is essential to develop long-term businesses that benefit the growth of your business.

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Our products are entirely made under the Made in Spain seal. Our facilities in Spain provide clients with access and communication between us. In addition, in the design and pattern phases, the client can participate in the processes, making him one of our team collaborating with us side by side. In short, we not only seek design and quality with the Made in Spain seal, but we are also committed to the satisfaction of each of our clients.In addition, Spain is at the forefront of fashion and our textile products are widely accepted by foreign buyers. Our prices are competitive and we offer a great distribution service for the clients we work with. We are flexible and adapt to the most demanding demands, always complying with our quality and design standards in the manufacture of jeans and jeans.