World Water Day

World Water Day is celebrated every 22nd March with the main goal of raising global awareness of the importance of taking care of the so-called “liquid gold”, which is essential for the survival of all species on Earth. It is so important in fact that Goal 6 of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals seeks to ensure access to drinking water and sanitation for all by the year 2030, as an essential requirement for sustainable development.

Urgent action is now needed to address the problem of water scarcity, as recent years have seen a significant decline in water resources due to misuse and waste. This year’s World will focus on acknowledging the importance of studying, protecting and sustainably managing groundwater in order to survive climate change and meet the needs of a growing population.

At Evlox, we are convinced that most companies have a lot of room for improvement when it comes to manufacturing processes which require large amounts of water. That is why we are carrying out different actions to reduce waste throughout all stages of the production process. But not only that, also to minimize water pollution. Because at Evlox we want to be a part of the change towards a more ethical and environmentally responsible fashion. Let us tell you all about it!

In the fabric dyeing process, we use a dyeing technology that reduces water consumption: Aquasave by Evlox saves 10 litres of water per linear metre. This means savings of 50,000,000 litres per year, the equivalent to the daily water consumption of 500,000 people. GreenStone by Evlox achieves greater washing efficiency, reducing washing time, chemical compounds and energy consumption.

During the finishing stage, Eco4 by Evlox -our sustainable finishing process- helps us to:

  • reduce water consumption: 22 litres per garment in the finishing process.
  • reduce washing time: 15% in the washing process.
  • reduce waste: 20% less wastewater – Evlox publishes its wastewater test reports as part of its partnership with the ZDHC GATEWAY platform, as we explained in a previous post about our commitment to recycling as a step towards a circular and sustainable fashion .
  • improve the environmental impact index.
  • improve laser washing performance.

Driven by our desire to go beyond saving water, Evlox is also committed to reducing water pollution. Easy Laser by Evlox uses laser technology that prevents water contamination.

The Light Sensitive Fabric (LSF) test, which analyses the reaction of fabrics to laser procedures through the use of Bluescan technology and a visual analysis performed by an expert, allows us to measure how friendly fabric is to laser technology and to predict its reactions.   provides a complete, clear and accurate report which helps us determine whether a particular design or finish can be applied to the analyzed fabric using sustainable finishing processes, using minimal resources and without hazardous chemicals.

Thus, this technology helps us in our aim to reduce the consumption of water, chemicals and energy, all this without compromising the desired final product, while respecting the environment and its natural resources as much as possible.

If you want to learn more about how we continuously strive to minimize our impact on the environment and contribute to sustainable fashion, visit our website and read more about Evlox’ sustainable compromise.

Evlox also celebrated this day together with the School of Art and Design (Castellón) by presenting their new ‘H2.0 Project’. You can see the result of the collaboration with School of Art and Design Castellón in the previous link.