The influence of low-impact natural fibers has also arrived to denim.

Linen has the durability to endure mechanical treatments, laundering and fading processes in a similar way to cotton denim, leading to exciting innovations with a casual appearance. When looking at denim-linen trends, we can see how linen-cotton denim is colored with pigment dyes while blue and ecru indigo style appear in geometric pattern shirting or textured doubles, with surface interest reminiscent of vintage wear and tear.

I have organized Spring-Summer trends into 7 possibilities that can be styled with linen denim fabrics:

Textured denim

A classic denim look is reappropriated through indigo tones and washed-out laundered treatments. Raw and loose basket, herringbone and micro dobby structures are picked up by irregular, slubbed and fancy yarns of uneven surface texture. Faded patinated patterns and space-dye yarns achieve a lived-in casual appearance, ranging from soft handles to tar and rubber-coating finishes. The fabric’s strength and solidity are used to withstand mechanical processes and fading washes.



Transitional wear

Taking a more sustainable value-minded approach to resortwear to create items that will work beyond vacation. Prioritizing lightweight packable pieces that can form a transitional wardrobe for everyday wear from the city to the beach.



Embedded comfort

Following the comfort-wear boom, consumers are returning to denim, but they are unwilling to give up loungewear softness. A solution is given by accommodating this with denim comforts.



Cosmic dust

Trends also drives us into a cosmic direction, with surfaces hinting at the link between space exploration and earth preservation.



Serene simplicity

Restoring a sense of wellbeing in neutral hues to evoke a calm, relaxed destination dressing mood.



Golden brown

Brown has steadily been emerging as an alternative to deeper earthy browns and light neutrals.

@Sean Suen

@Sean Suen

At Evlox, we offer a wide range of linen denim fabrics, mainly rigid but also with a medium % of stretch. In addition, we have developed an amazing SS24 range of fabrics that cover from indigo to ecru to RTD colors.

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By María Mas, Head of Digital Marketing & Sales @Evlox.