Denim Fashion Trends

Denim Fashion trends

Fashion trends of denim clothes: collections for everyone

Every company has the goal of providing the customers the last and best products of the market with the highest quality as possible. Why? Because if a company doesn’t do it, it’ll be the last one and it’ll disappear. Evlox knows perfectly which are the needs and requests of textile manufacturing and for that we spend many time working to give you the fashion trends you are looking for. Nevermind if you want to buy women’s, men’s or child’s denim fashion trends. our designs are thought for people who want to wear trendy style and fashionable. Evlox is the brand that know how important is for you the color inspiration, the comfort, the stylish and the power of wearing this kind of items of clothes.

The importance of design trends

Design trends is always on our minds because we want you to find trendy clothes manufactured by us. What kind of fashion trends and combinations do we offer you?

Old school like, chic and effortless style

We design for you clothes old school like, chic and effortless style because we know you like it.

  • Boyfriend stripped oversized cut blazer, an oversized with shirt and cropped two tone jeans
  • Skinny belted ankle jeans and a layered washed denim coat
  • Oversize trench and bootcut two tone jeans
  • Cropped sweatshirt, a denim shirt and cropped bootcut jeans

Nostalgic past denim fashion trends

The past always returns. So we design nostalgic past denim fashions trends like:

  • High waisted belted skinny jeans, see through a flared sleeves blouse
  • A voluminous sleeves blouse with a double zipped midi denim skirt
  • A shoulder pads denim jacket and skinny vintage cropped jeans
  • A stripped vintage shirt, turtleneck jumper and relaxed turned up jeans

Renewed gentleman look

If you are thinking about buying the last fashion trends of tailored denim clothes, you can find some combinations of renewed gentleman look:

  • Shoulder pad flared sleeves denim blazer and uber-mini A denim skirt
  • A cropped tailored denim jacket with big collars and a bootcut high waisted tailored jeans
  • A duffle coat, stretch resined denim shirt and turned up resined jeans
  • A shoulder pads denim blazer and skinny denim trousers

Evlox Lab Trends Laboratory

The most important to achieve the best connection with customer’s preferences is analyze and research trends all the time. Do we do it? Absolutely. Evlox has a Lab Trends Laboratory with a team of professionals always analyzing the changes of fashion trends. That’s the way we have to be pioneers and improve our denim clothes for you. Do you want to find clothes to show a trendy style wherever you go? Evlox is the brand that design the items what you are looking for.